E-Biking with purpose!


Sustaining our people, planet and making a difference along the way is the name of our game. Ashland embodies the ideals of sustainable design, from its gold medal Bicycle Friendly America status to its local organic farms.

We’re all about sustainable tourism. We support tourists that visit Ashland and want to make a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy.   The e-bike tours primary attractions and goals are focusing on our local culture, wilderness areas, and learning ways to live on our planet in a more sustainable way. Ashland has a unique natural environment, local culture, and sustainable businesses that work to meet the needs of the local residents and tourist that visit our region.

Our low impact electric bike tours enable people to enjoy and learn about the natural, historical, and cultural aspects while preserving the integrity of these sites and stimulate the local economy by supporting small businesses that will ultimately benefit the people that live in Ashland.

The city of Ashland keeps out the Big-Box-Stores. Size caps help to sustain the vitality of small-scale, pedestrian-oriented business districts, which in turn nurture local business development. They also prevent the many negative impacts of big box development, such as increased traffic congestion and over-burdened public infrastructure, and they protect the character of the community by ensuring that new development is at a scale in keeping with the traditional built environment and surrounding landscape.

Take a tour with us and learn about what the town of Ashland is doing for sustainability efforts and we would love to learn about your community and how it helps improve the people and the planet for future generations.


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